Lizzie Oxov Nielsen was born in Denmark 1937

She has lived in Sweden since 1976.

Lizzie has also channelled a book from Sanat Kumara, the spiritual regent of the Earth, God's representative on earth.

Didarion is Metatron's twin soul. They both have four bodies in the spiritual world:





Didarion has decided to let one of her four bodies, 

The Archangel Faith incarnate on earth to spread the message about the power of love to the people before the new time.

Lizzie: Do I have God's permission to manifest myself to the world?

Jesus: Yes, you have, Lizzie. Go forward and tell people who you are.


Sanat Kumara:

      Jesus Christ will come to help the people by preparing them for, what's going to happen on earth, and by bringing forth the message of the power of love and eternal life. He does this through a book that is meant for children. They will in turn affect their parents, so they may change their life for the better.

      Before the Earth's entry into the fifth dimension, it is thought that major events will take place on earth. Significant souls will come forward to help humanity. Many angels and star people have been appointed to help these great souls, and this promise, they have given, before they came to earth. These great souls must have the back up and get to know, that you believe in them and help them to spread the truth.

     Those of you, who have a direct contact to the divine world, and where her causalbody is destroyed, is receiving the real truth directly, because she has her higher self in the divine world. It is only a few of you, who walk on earth, who have come so far in development and knowledge that she has reached this point. But there are a few great souls who have incarnated voluntarily for the purpose of helping the Earth and the humans.


  When we pay attention to this, it is to confirm that a few great souls are on earth to help mankind and Mother Earth. They, together with the incarnated angels and star people, are helping to prepare people to be informed of, what will happen in the near future.

      It is difficult for the great soul to win support even among the angels and the star people. Many refuse to believe that such a great soul can truly walk on the Earth without having made any fuss at an earlier time. However, it is determined from the spiritual world, when this great soul will come forward, and she may have lived unaware of her origin until then. Everything is predetermined and nothing happens by chance. Everything is carefully designed in the spiritual world and will take place according to plan.

Lizzie got her first message from the spiritual world on 06 26 2004:

      You shall write a book that will change the world. It  is a book for the children, and I will give you advice and guidance, and you will not come to regret, that you followed this path.

      What you must make clear, is our connection to the spiritual world. You shall come to  give people solace in the time that will come, and prepare them for, that there comes a time of suffering. You shall be the light for many people and you will tell them about their true origins. We want the people to be informed of the existence of an  afterlife, and that physical death is not the end of life. We are reborn again and again in an endless cycle in the large spiral. This is what you should convey. You must give people insight and give them hope and comfort.

      You are an angel, Lizzie, who has come to earth to accomplish this task. We stand behind you and will help and support you. On the physical plane, you have your husband, who has decided to help and support you in this life with the great task you have: To serve humanity, so they can survive on this planet, when the energies changes.

(Lizzie: My husband has supported me financially, because I was home with the kids. He has no spiritual insight, and have not believed in me and the messages I have received., He has not helped me with my spiritual duties, if someone would have misunderstood this.)

This was a message she received from her spiritual guide, Horace.

The 21st of September 2004 came the next message:


      A time will come when everything changes, both the mankind and the Earth. That time is not far away. You angels shall help the people to raise their energies so they can survive on this planet, when the energies changes, also for the Earth. Love heals and you can help people to find their inner light and open up to love - to love themselves and others, forget the ego and focus on, that everything is connected. Everything is woven together in the great All. Your book will come to you before long, and then we'll explain, how it all fits together. We love you and wish you well. Have  full trust.


The 23rd of september 2004.


      What you just saw during the meditation, was a message telling you  in which  way you can change the world. The children are close to our hearts, and it is important that they grow up with the true faith. Children are impressionable, and it is important that they early receive learning to live in love for themselves and others. When they from childhood come to realize their true origin and identity, they may be able to influence the world for the better. You shall help with this by writing a book for children, and lead others to convey the truth to the children.

28 sept 2004.

Jesus Christ: Children of God

      There will come a day when everything is different. The world is brighter and people more loving. There is no hatred or greed, and nobody bully someone else. People and animals live together in harmony and love. When you give love to others, you get love back.

      Love heals. Love is the life force of the Universe, and the universe radiates God, my Father's love for everyone and everything. You are God's children. You have a spark of God within you. Look inward and listen inwardly when you hear your true self and get to know your true origin.

      Let the little children come to me, says our Father, and I will guide them in love and light. See full confidence in the suffering time. Paradise shall come on earth, and the children who are now growing up, will spread the message of love and lead others into the light. We want children to understand the truth about life and love, and that death does not exist. They have nothing to fear.

2 okt 2004.

Mother Mary:

      My children, now is the time when the changes will be done on earth. The people and all living things will raise their energy frequency, as well as the Earth. Everything  on earth is alive like the Earth itself. Show love for yourselves and to all around you, and you raise the vibrations. Just love one another and nature can destroy evil. People should remove their selfish thinking and face everything with love.

      The Earth will become a spiritual planet, and the people must follow the Earths rate increase in order to survive here. Spread the word to everyone, so it goes out all over the world. You must all help each other to spread the love, so you can raise the energy frequency of the Earth.

6 okt 2004.

Jesus Christ:

      You shall soon get your book by telepathic contact. You get the text, write it down, and then the pictures come to you. We know that you do good work and have patience and assiduous. You will succeed. Have patience, the book will come when you are ready.

7 okt 2004.

Jesus Christ conveyed today the first episode of the book for children: Friends of the heart.

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