Friends of the heart

by Jesus Christ

Foreword by Jesus Christ:

      It is a great pleasure for me to be able to convey this book for children by Archangel Didarion, who walk on the Earth to spread the message about the power of love. She has taken on the task of channelling this book to help the people on earth.

      I want this book for children to expose the truth of the spiritual world to the children and tell them about what is to come. I want to prepare them for the new time, when major changes are going to take place on earth.

      Children should know that death does not exist, and that they have eternal life. They have nothing to fear. In turn the children can influence their parents and tell them how it will all turn out, when the Earth enters the new time. The power of love is the life energy of the universe.

      This book is my gift to humanity and most of all to the children, who are now growing up and can spread love and light to their fellow creatures.

I bless you all. May God be with you.

Jesus Christ.

Foreword by Sanat Kumara:

Jesus Christ will come to help people by preparing them for what will happen on the Earth and by communicating the message about the power of love and the eternal life. He does this trough a book,which is intended for children. They will in turn affect there parents, so that they in the future change their life for the better.

Ahead of the Earth's entry into the fifth demension, it is thought that big events are to take place on earth significant souls should come forward to help humanity. Many angels and star people have been appointed to help these great souls, and that promise they have been given before they came to earth. These great souls must have uppbacking and get to know that you believe in them and help them to spread the truth.

Have you given a promise and come a long way in its development on earth, there is no way back. Refusing to then take on themselves the task, as it was thought that it would perform, you no longer have any use for this soul wandering the Earth. Then it's just as well to call home this soul, so that it can do some good in the spiritual world instead. It serves no purpose to continue its life on earth. you should then from the spiritual world find a replacement which takes over its task.

Sanat Kumara.

The picture of the angel on the back cover has a healing effect on people who believe.

The title of the book: "Friends of the heart",  258 pages with illustrations

Rec. Age: from 11 years

An english translation of this book is available as an ebook: Bookshop

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