Interview with Didarion

                  Meditation with Faith

Friends of the heart

by Jesus Christ

Foreword by Jesus Christ:

      It is a great pleasure for me to be able to convey this book for children by Archangel Didarion, who walk on the Earth to spread the message about the power of love. She has taken on the task of channelling this book to help the people on earth.

      I want this book for children to expose the truth of the spiritual world to the children and tell them about what is to come. I want to prepare them for the new time, when major changes are going to take place on earth.

      Children should know that death does not exist, and that they have eternal life. They have nothing to fear. In turn the children can influence their parents and tell them how it will all turn out, when the Earth enters the new time. The power of love is the life energy of the universe.

      This book is my gift to humanity and most of all to the children, who are now growing up and can spread love and light to their fellow creatures.

I bless you all. May God be with you.

Jesus Christ.  



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